Wednesday, July 6, 2022 - 00:11


"Marco has been a member of our Teens program for just about 4 years now.  Marco has always been a consistent member, even joining us when we were outdoors during the pandemic.  Marco comes to class ready to work, to learn and to improve. He focuses on his form and he continues to get stronger.  Sometimes I don’t think he realizes how strong he actually is.  Marco is a pleasure to coach.  I’m looking forward to watching him continue to progress throughout his fitness journey."
- Coach Ag

What do you enjoy most about being a member of CFMV? 

I feel like I'm always going at the right pace in CFMV. I'm encouraged to push myself even when it's tough, while also being told to respect my limits. Having other people to work out with also helps me gage myself relative to other people, which helps encourage me to improve without making it an outright competition where I have to be the best at everything.

 What do you enjoy most about CF? 

Crossfit is a pretty accessible way to stay active during the week. It's provided me with the tools that have assisted in strengthening my muscles and stamina, along with the proper instruction needed to do so safely and efficiently.

When did you start CF?

It's hard to say, since it's been so long. If I had to make a rough estimate, I joined i  the spring, about two or three years ago.

What was your first CF workout?  How did you feel after? 

I can't remember what my first workout was, but I do remember being so sore that it was hard to move!

What is your favorite movement?

I'd say hand stand push ups. Out of all of the movements I've practiced, I've noticed the most improvement in this one. I've gone from hitting my head trying to get up to the wall, to being able to do the whole movement quite easily!

 What is your favorite game? 

It's hard to say, since we only play games on occasion, but out of the ones I can remember, my favorite is the one where you hold a plank, all while knocking someone else across from you out of their plank. It both works your muscles while also making you think about how to knock over your opponent without making yourself too open.

How has CF changed you? 

Besides the obvious fact that Crossfit has improved my physical health, I'd also say it's helped me mentally too. I can wind up feeling pretty low-energy or stuck in a rut sometimes, especially in the middle of the week, on days like tuesday. Having a program to go to where I have to get up and start moving helps me shake this feeling off and it puts me in a better state of mind.

What were your goals when you started?

Back when I started Crossfit, I'd mainly just joined as a means to keep fit. I'd always had some extracurricular activity I went to, so when I quit Tae Kwon Do in highschool, I thought I'd give Crossfit a shot, since it seemed like fun.

What are your goals for this year?  

I'd say my goals for this year are to push myself more. While I don't want to overdo it, I'm sure I could be lifting heavier weights, or get through the workout faster with the proper amount of work and effort.