Saturday, March 9, 2024 - 01:45


"Lira has been such an incredible addition to our community. She is passionate about fitness, works hard and has a great time doing it. She works so hard and manages to always have a smile on her face. She's a beast! She is one of the most welcoming members we have and is always willing to help new members. When we had our Halloween party for the kids in Middle Village, she was the first one to walk in with a bunch of candy donations. That's just who she is. Beautiful inside and out. We all love having her in class. Her positive energy is contagious. Keep crushing your goals Lira! You Rock! -Coach Julia 

What do you enjoy most about being a member of The CircHIIT?

I love the community and the coaches are amazing. I love the classes because every day is a different workout.

How/when did you get involved with The CircHIIT? 

I started training at the CircHiit with Coach Roy, who was my trainer. He later left to pursue his dream of being in the army. He had Coach Chris take over my personal training and I joined as a full time CircHIIT member. I am grateful for Roy to introducing me to and having me join this amazing gym! 

How did you feel after your first workout at The CircHIIT? 

I felt strong.

What do you enjoy most about The CircHIIT? 

I enjoy the partner Saturday workouts. Those workouts give us the opportunity to push eachother more, although every workout is excellent and challenging. I also really enjoy Tabata Tuesdays. 

What is your favorite station and movement at The CircHIIT?


What is your least favorite stations/ movement at The CircHIIT?

Rowing & Push-Ups 

What motivates you?

I can see and feel myself getting healthier and stronger.

What were your goals when you started this journey ?

Lose weight and be healthier.

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

Get More muscle and stay fit. 

Do you have any advice for new members?

Stick with it! Challenge yourself and you will love the results.