Friday, December 3, 2021 - 18:11



What do you enjoy most about being a member of CFMV? 

I mostly enjoy the engaging workouts that CF has to offer to members, as well as socialising with the rest of the CF community. 

What do you enjoy most about CF? 

There are lots of workouts and activities that CF has to offer. They have a variety of all types of workouts that help  build on my  physical strength ,skills and specially the way how I improved during these years .

When did you start CF?

I came around signing up to CF about 2 years. I was kinda nervous around my first weeks, but I adapted to be more indulged into CF, and I eventually started to put my all into the work they offered and mostly became more confident.

What was your first CF workout?  How did you feel after? 

I think my first workout consisted of workouts involving dumbbell movements, as well as cardio such as rowing and biking, and physical fitness like push-ups and burpees. During the time, I was quite rusty with my physical strength, but I eventually found the refreshing feeling after successfully completing the workout.

What is your favorite movement?

Barbell Back Squats, I found this movement to be the one I can easily adapt to and get good at.

 What is your favorite game? 

Plate Tic Tac Toe

How had CF changed you?

It taught me that physical health and strength is a very important part of a person that they need to keep working and building on physically/mentally , and CF had made me more active in some of my own workout.

What were your goals when you started?

To become strong  and  more confident , improving health and greater physical fitness .

What are your goals for this year?  

Put in the work, eat healthier, and create more active routines for myself. This way I can focus on my physical health almost daily.