Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 14:52


What do you enjoy most about being a member of CFMV?

What I enjoy the most about being a member of CFMV is that I’m constantly being challenged and feel great after every workout! I can’t believe I can do box jumps! 

What do you enjoy most about CF?

This year I have been remote learning and what I enjoy the most about CrossFit kids is that I am able to make friends and have fun while pushing myself in every workout.

When did you start CF?

I started CrossFit in January

What was your first CF workout?  How did you feel after?

My first CrossFit workout was using the Ski erg and I thought it was so hard, but now I love it and feel great after using it.

What is your favorite movement?

My favorite movement are box jumps even though they are very hard and I have bumped my legs a few times, but I am always so proud after completing them.

What is your favorite game?

My favorite game is CrossFit tic tac toe which includes doing burpees.

How has CF changed you?

Before I started taking CF classes I was a bit shy and now I feel confident and strong.

What were your goals when you started?

My goal was to be confident and believe in myself. I feel like CF has helped me do that.

What are your goals for this year? 

My goals for this year is to stay active, continue to challenge myself and go from having a two pack to a four pack, lol!